AAHomecare and CHEST Unveil Oxygen Toolkit for Patient and Clinician Use - CAIRE Inc.
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The New Year is a great time to recommit to learning more about supplemental oxygen therapy, especially if you have received a prescription from your doctor, or if you are a clinician who prescribes oxygen to patients. With all the complexities around oxygen therapy — from the types of equipment, their benefits and smart delivery features, and the insurance reimbursement —  it’s easy to have knowledge gaps.

Global oxygen manufacturer, CAIRE Inc., a proud member of The American Association for Homecare, is excited to share a new resource developed by both AAHomecare, and the American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST).

The Oxygen Toolkit is designed to support individuals that have been prescribed supplemental oxygen therapy, and also clinicians who prescribe supplemental oxygen to their patients. Four informational pieces offer helpful information to not only support the educational needs of its audience, but also seek to encourage national advocacy efforts to improve the quality of life for those individuals who depend on oxygen therapy because of serious respiratory conditions.

Resources include the “Complete Oxygen Therapy Guide,” “Getting Started,” “Trip Planning Guide: Traveling with Oxygen Therapy,” and “Does Your Patient Need Oxygen Therapy?”

Patients will appreciate educational overviews of oxygen therapy, things to know when they are set up on oxygen by their medical equipment provider, answers to frequently asked questions, travel tips, and more.

Clinicians will find the information about oxygen therapy systems, guides on how to order oxygen for their patients from medical equipment providers, and how to educate their patients.

Follow these links to access Oxygen Toolkit Resources:

Complete Oxygen Therapy Guide

Getting Started

Trip Planning Guide: Traveling with Oxygen Therapy

Does Your Patient Need Oxygen Therapy?

Discover these materials and more resources on the AAHomecare website by clicking this link.

 Also, find helpful Travel & Safety guidance on CAIRE’s website by clicking this link.

To learn more about CAIRE’s supplemental oxygen systems visit product pages for patients —  https://www.caireinc.com/patients/products/ — or for clinicians — https://www.caireinc.com/clinicians/product-portfolio/.