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Buffalo, NY, January 12, 2023 —
AirSep Distributor GASEC S.A./Indutorres in Guayaquil, Ecuador, works closely with top South American shrimp farmers to share best practices in the latest aquaculture technologies that support the country’s first place ranking of shrimp producers worldwide.

In October, the GASEC S.A./Indutorres team, led by owner Alberto Torres, hosted a presentation at their headquarters highlighting the role of pressure swing adsorption (PSA) oxygen generation and the impact on shrimp production. Special guest was CAIRE’s Thomas Long, RRT-RCP, Region Manager for Latin America, Mexico, Caribbean.

Attendees were able to view the benefits of supplemental oxygen firsthand via two aquaculture pools on display, each with a population of 100,000 shrimp. One pool was equipped with an Alpha Series (AS-Series) source of oxygen connected to a custom-built speece cone to ensure diffusion of the oxygen bubbles into the water. The other pool had no supplemental oxygen.

Alberto Torres pictured with onsite demo aquaculture pool with a special speece cone that, when combined with AS-Series, illustrates the impact of oxygen in healthy production of shrimp.

The one with the AS-Series oxygen supply and speece cone had only a 15-20 percent loss when harvested. The one without oxygen added had a loss of 50-60 percent.

Torres uses the real-world application of the technologies applied to the aquaculture pools to illustrate the significant improvement  of supplemental oxygen on shrimp development from larval stages to fully formed shrimp. This powerful presentation encourages adoption of new technologies that will positively impact future farming operations and production.

The AS-Series oxygen solutions are a proven alternative to any other source of oxygen supply, and are the most cost effective and safest oxygen source available for use in aquaculture/fish farming. Dissolved oxygen within the water can reduce the incidence of disease and mortality in fish production.

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