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Contributed by Bob Rawlins, oxygen user and consultant to CAIRE Inc. ~ 

Part Two ~ In the first part we talked about becoming a little more independent versus dependent. Whether it is in a business, family, or health – improving your environment or illness journey.

Someone said to me once, that to become successful in anything you do, you need to surround yourself with the right people. In business, hire your successor, on your health journey, hire the right doctors, and surround yourself with the right family and friends.

So, let’s get going, think Win/Win. Easy, kind of. Seek those mutually beneficial relationships. In my business environment, pretty understandable, knowing when to walk away, and realizing that you can agree to disagree – that is ok.

On our journey, you can’t walk away and do nothing. Unless, you choose to give up, BTW, NOT AN OPTION, here!!! Never give up.

Find your medical partner’s first – pulmonary exercise, respiratory therapists, doctors, nurses, correct? Ok, I hear you. Bob, we can’t like everyone, but can you work with them for the betterment of your health and well-being? Of course, you can, Win/Win!!

Now, seek first to understand, then be understood. So, we’ve talked about the importance of doing your own research and asking your family or friends to help as well. This really makes it easier to communicate on your doctor appointments and be more of a team.

Especially, in my case. I have a very rare lung disease that all my doctors don’t have the answers on the wheres or whys this viral came and went like it did – leaving me with scarring and the idiopathic knowledge of the unknown. But, by having my family and myself do some research, my appointments have been better and together my doctors can work with me on getting on with living and not dying. A very good thing. 🙂 Last thing about this, remember, have empathy for your doctor, they want to help and they care about you. If you feel they don’t – change doctors immediately!

Synergy, I loved this word while working and love it just as much now! Through mutual trust and understanding, you can find better solutions then just working on your own. Especially on our journeys. You have to find doctors and medical staff you can trust, no doubt. You also have to seek help from family and friends in the same way. It makes things much better and you get rid of that anxiety and possible depression. Control the things you can control, don’t waste time on things you can’t. PERIOD! It took time and I still revert back, but man, it can make a difference between having a good day or a really bad day!! Synergize with the right people!

Finally, Sharpen the Saw, this relates to the physical, mental, social/emotional, and spiritual dimensions of your own attitude. Remember, you have to have the right “tude” as much as possible. On the spiritual side, I remember, “Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible” – Matthew 19:26.

It was something I remembered long before I was sick but understood it completely when I got sick and saw the miracles I went through to even be here today! God is good!

When I speak and talk to people, which I love to do on their journey, I always mention the importance of their physical and mental controls. So, it’s important that you treat people the way you want them to treat you. Your caregivers chose a career to help others, but I could never understand why some patients treat them like crap everyday all day. Why? Makes no sense. They will try and relate and probably can better than most. You have your days, yes, but so do they. They have to take care of you, it’s their career, but I always tried to think. I want them to care for me. Huge difference.

Socially and emotionally you need to try and understand what is happening and why. What can you do to make things better?

So, balance your life as best you can and Sharpen the Saw! Things are never as bad as they might seem. Always, always, keep the faith, in your spiritual beliefs, in yourself, in your family, with your friends, and on your journey!!

Till next time,

Hug your caregiver, smile at a fellow lung and oxygen patient!

And never give up!




Love you all,

– Coach Bob

Bob Rawlins, 61, of Medina, Ohio, is husband to Terese and father to their 13-year-old triplets, a soccer coach, a hospital volunteer, and marketing guru. He uses a FreeStyle Comfort portable oxygen concentrator.  

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