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Contributed by Bob Rawlins, oxygen user and consultant to CAIRE Inc. ~ 

Easier said than done, you ask? And I respond with, Why? How Come?

What is better than living, getting up every day, and enjoying what is right in front of you?

If you just look at one side of things you will always be, “lopsided.”

If you read nothing but the news, you might be easily upset, angry, or even sad.

You might only see or react to the bad stuff and not pay attention to the good.

Let’s take medical coverage for instance. If you don’t research or investigate all your opportunities, you may not be happy with your coverage or you might get lucky and realize it is pretty darn good. Living sometimes does include having to do research to ensure you have the best coverage you can afford.

I get frustrated with Medicare and hate paying for certain things that don’t seem fair, but I do have coverage, some might not. It is a good topic of conversation at my pulmonary therapy sessions. (Another good reason to go if you are not, you learn from others, ?).

Investigate with health markets in your area, it’s a free consultation and they can figure out the best options for you right in their office. Doesn’t cost you a dime and they will be glad to help.

If you are on oxygen therapy, how are you living with it? Do you know the best ways to live with this need? Have you investigated your options? I get tons of questions about my CAIRE portable oxygen concentrators. I encourage everyone to comparison shop, but for me there is no comparison. CAIRE is the best in all categories I researched, ? And, they don’t spend the $$$ that some of their competitors do on advertisements. Don’t be easily persuaded or become “lopsided” in your views. Make sure you look at all your options.

Cost, flexibility, new ways of living with your disability. Live it, embrace it, and enjoy life as best you can.

This is true for everyone in whatever you are doing. Isn’t it?

Do you or did you work with people that seemed to only find the bad or controversial issues at work or in life in general. I always wondered if they could ever be happy. You tend to feel sorry for them but don’t make the mistake of letting them bring you down with them. The old cliché, “misery loves company,” is so true!

A smart man once said to me,

“Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. Break the habit. Talk about your joys.”

I love this. I don’t mean bragging, BTW! LOL!

It is hard when you are having difficulties in life with work, home, friends, relationships, and of course, health!

But live it and do what you can to improve it. Some things we can’t control especially, when it comes to a health issue. However, choices are there. Find them, live them, and share them!

“When you are living the best version of you. You shine a light on the one who CREATED YOU.”

You are important!

My last doctor’s appointment left me a little uneasy. They want me to start talking to the lung transplant team again. Scary stuff. Lots of research to be had.

I was feeling a bit down and in a “funk.” People could sense it and they’d ask me about it. Some I discuss it with, others I just move on.

But it is something I must decide and live with. The point is, I can’t control this other than decide.

Then, just the other day, I heard of a good person who had been in awesome shape all their life and now has been diagnosed with uncurable cancer. Young, has a family, and one of the nicest people you will ever meet. He is living every day as best he can and will do so until it is time for him to join his maker!

Life is good, no matter what your story may be, but only we can make the choices and decide to live each day better! I feel the best is yet to come!

So, Live my friends. Live and make all your days as bright and good as you can make them.

Till next time!




– Coach Bob

Bob Rawlins, 61, of Medina, Ohio, is husband to Terese and father to their 13-year-old triplets, a soccer coach, a hospital volunteer, and marketing guru. He uses a FreeStyle Comfort portable oxygen concentrator.  

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