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Today’s digital technologies have enhanced the ease of use and the way oxygen generation systems are managed by today’s facility engineers.

One feature in particular — the touchscreen panel — has become an essential component included on AirSep Oxygen Generators. AirSep PSA Oxygen Generator Systems come equipped with a Schneider HMI 5.7” color touchscreen panel on the AS-Q to AS-Z models. It is also offered as an option on our AS-D+ to AS-P models.

These AirSep systems that come with the Schneider color touchscreen HMI panel have the ability to collect operational parameters continuously. This data is collected and can be extracted using a memory stick to enable the user to analyze or track trends on a remote computer. HMI screens also can be accessed remotely for operation and monitoring of equipment using Webgate technology.

Advanced Features

  • Measurements
    • Option to be programmed for psig, kPa, or barg units of pressure
  • Language Support
    • Spanish, French, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and English currently supported
  • Remote Monitoring
    • Diagnostic capabilities and Ethernet access
  • Email Notifications
    • Sent when reaching an alarm or shutdown condition while connected to Ethernet
  • System Performance
    • Quick PLC scan time, allowing for shutdown and alarm conditions to alert the system and user
  • Maintenance Alarms
    • Notifications for required maintenance based on how long the system has been running
  • Information History
    • Allows user to see how the unit has been operating
  • Operation Guide
    • Step-by-step instructions overviewing system start-up and shut down
  • Airflow Animation
    • Illustrates the direction in which the oxygen is flowing
  • Status Information
    • Displays system bits indicating alarms, shutdowns, bypasses, and run/standby
  • Reset Calibration
    • Auto-scale the pressure sensors
  • Data Logging
    • Pressure and concentration information may be saved with use of a USB memory stick in the HMI
  • Security
    • Allows access to specific features for those with correct credentials
  • Optional Flow Sensor
    • May be added via connection to the analog input card
  • Optional Auxiliary Pressure Sensor
    • May be wired in for information to display on the HMI

The HMI touchscreen offers many benefits. It is user-friendly and extremely convenient for capturing data and many details of the system. Watch our video by clicking the YouTube link below.

To learn more about how AirSep’s extensive product offering can solve your oxygen supply challenges, please visit or contact us. We will be happy to discuss your oxygen needs.