NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. Implements Name Change - CAIRE Inc.
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CAIRE® Branded As Part of Niterra Group

Global oxygen equipment manufacturer CAIRE Inc.’s parent company, NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD., has implemented its planned name change to Niterra.

The name change announced late last year, was a move to reflect the overall growth of the global organization and diversification of its portfolio — inclusive of the CAIRE and its divisions of AirSep Corporation, CAIRE Diagnostics, and MGC Diagnostics Holdings, Inc.

Since its inception, the name NGK SPARK PLUG referenced the internal combustion engine related business, not reflecting today’s vision of the future of the organization. In the “2030 Long-Term Management Plan NITTOKU BX” formulated in 2020, the company outlined a vision for focusing on four business domains of environment and energy, mobility, medical and communication, and aims to realize business portfolio transformation.

As part of this long-term vision, CAIRE was acquired back in 2018, adding to NGK SPARK PLUG’s portfolio of respiratory solutions — portable and stationary oxygen concentrators, and liquid oxygen systems — and commercial equipment with a variety of applications across many industries. Further expansion of the business, and CAIRE’s diagnostics offerings, first occurred in 2020 with the acquisition of Spirosure Inc., now referred to as CAIRE Diagnostics, and then again in 2023 with the recent acquisition of MGC Diagnostics.

The new English company name, Niterra Co., Ltd., draws its meaning from a coined word, combining the Latin words “niteo” meaning “shine” and “terra” meaning “the planet earth.” It expresses the group’s desire and stance to be a company that not only contributes to a sustainable society, but also makes a meaningful impact on the quality of life across the globe.

“The new branding is a great testament to our parent company’s vision for the future, and who they want us to be in the marketplace. At CAIRE we want to embody this vision bringing the very best of our expertise to serving our customers and partners, and bold energy and optimism as we serve them, and the millions of patients who rely on us for their quality of life around the world,” said Barry Hassett, CAIRE Global VP of Marketing.

While Niterra will become the group’s overall name, the iconic brands underneath will continue to exist for the company’s respective businesses and reference their connection to the overall parent company as being a part of the Niterra Group.

Including its global headquarters in Ball Ground, GA, USA, CAIRE Inc. has 10 locations and more than 750 employees worldwide.