Product Feature: The FreeStyle Comfort portable oxygen concentrator - CAIRE Inc.
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By Lanier Hogan, CAIRE Inc. Product Manager

The FreeStyle Comfort portable oxygen concentrator, manufactured by CAIRE Inc., is now an integral part in how home care providers serve their oxygen patient base, and also build successful retail sales programs throughout the world.

Introduced in 2018, this wearable oxygen therapy device received top honors by industry publications and the coveted New Product Pavilion Providers’ Choice Gold Award at Medtrade Fall, the largest trade show of its kind in the US.

The 5-pulse-setting, 5-lb. FreeStyle Comfort stands out from competitor devices thanks to its innovative comfort curve. This curved shell is designed to skim the natural curve of the body and makes it truly a comfortable device to wear in comparison to other portable oxygen concentrators that come in oval and more square shapes without a contour.

“My pulmonary doctor and I ended up choosing the FreeStyle Comfort and we did that for numerous reasons. The big thing for me is having that range of settings from 1 to 5. That  gives you quite a bit of span. A  lot of times you are sitting and 2 is fine, but when I start moving I can go to 3 if need be or further,” said Pam Venditti, FreeStyle Comfort oxygen user. “The freedom I get from having my Freestyle Comfort is really special because life is short, and I want to enjoy what I have and having this unit has let me do things that I couldn’t.

The FreeStyle Comfort offers an easy-to-use interface with glow-in-the-dark buttons and LCD display screen that shows prescribed flow setting and remaining battery charge. Recent enhancements to the current model include the addition of a bolus indicator light which blinks on the device’s LCD screen each time a bolus of oxygen is delivered. Also, new units received additional branding to the top membrane panel.

Operational via wall outlet (AC) power, motor vehicle (DC) power, or by rechargeable battery power, the device is designed for travel, meeting FAA guidelines for use on commercial air flights. User-replaceable battery packs come in two sizes, 8-cell and 16-cell, and can operate up to 4 and 8 hours, respectively, at pulse setting 2, extending the user’s time away from electrical power.

The FreeStyle Comfort delivers up 1050 milliliters of output per minute and is equipped with smart O2 delivery features. CAIRE’s UltraSense technology, ensuring a pulse of oxygen is delivered quickly in the early stages of the breath, reduces skipped breaths. And, should a no-breath alarm occur, the device’s autoDOSE feature will deliver oxygen therapy rapidly at its current setting at a rate of 20 breaths per minute until this alarm condition has been resolved.

“What we recognize in pulmonary rehabilitation when patients are up and physically active on our treadmill is that some patients will start to mouth breathe and unfortunately for patients with certain devices the device may not recognize that they have an increased respiratory rate. But with the UltraSense technology on the FreeStyle Comfort that increased respiratory rate can be perceived and the appropriate delivery of oxygen by bolus can be provided as that patient continues to do their physical activity in the gym,” said Keith Robinson, MD, MS, FCCP, Pulmonologist and Researcher.

Available accessories include a desktop charger, extra batteries, and carry-all accessory bag. New this month is the long-awaited debut of the FreeStyle Comfort backpack which features a black fabric body branded with the CAIRE logo, a padded back and adjustable straps to ensure a perfect fit for the user.

The FreeStyle Comfort was the first wearable portable oxygen concentrator to offer wireless connectivity capabilities for providers to periodically monitor location and usage through CAIRE’s telehealth solution, CAIREview. Helpful email alerts through this mobile application can provide a critical link between the patient and the provider, dedicated to supporting their respiratory health care needs.

Want to learn more about the FreeStyle Comfort? Please visit or call 1-800-482-2473.