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Packaged O2 Systems

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We also have several pre-configured Packaged Systems, which are designed to match the most common applications. Typical Standard Package systems consist of a standard oxygen generator matched with a dedicated air compressor.

Standard Pack
These skid-mounted or containerized, turnkey packaged oxygen systems are ideal for locations where a compressed air supply is limited or unavailable. Containerized units used for military applications are built to ISO 1-C construction standards. All AirSep Standard Oxygen Generators can be packaged using customer-specified or AirSep-recommended components.

For certain specific applications, we can offer a variation of the PSA process, called the Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VSA/VPSA) process. The main differences are that VPSA uses a feed blower instead of an air compressor and desorption or sieve regeneration, utilizes a vacuum blower. The net result is a significant decrease in the power consumption of the system as a whole. However, these plants are typically only cost effective relatively high oxygen flows oxygen capacities.

Medical Pack
AirSep Medical Oxygen Systems offer unsurpassed reliability, control, and continuous on-line oxygen concentration and pressure monitoring to ensure an uninterrupted supply of medical-grade oxygen.

Average, as well as peak oxygen demand periods, are easily supplied.

Any AirSep Oxygen Generator can be packaged with other customer-specified or AirSep-recommended components to form complete Medical Oxygen Supply Systems, including automatic switch-over. In the unlikely event that the system deviates from preset limits, the automatic switch-over immediately switches to the secondary oxygen supply. System alarms alert the health care facility of the condition so that corrective service may be performed.

For customers who require portability or desire to supply oxygen to others, the cylinder filling option allows for the filling of as few as 8-100s of cylinders per day at up to 2,200 psig (15,169 kPa or 151.6 barg). If a self-sufficient secondary oxygen supply is needed, cost-efficient oxygen compressors designed to fill cylinders intermittently are available. AirSep also offers weatherproof and duplex systems (two independent systems with manual or automatic switch-over). For special applications, a high concentration module can be added to the system.

AirSep Medical Oxygen Systems are currently in use in more than 50 countries around the world and can be fabricated in accordance with all relevant local codes (e.g., ASME, ANSI, NEMA, CSA, CRN, CE/PED, TSG R0004-2009, HTM2022, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 10083, and USPXXII Medical Oxygen Standards).

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