How our products work

How does an oxygen concentrator work?

The ambient air we breathe contains approximately 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen, and 1% other gasses. An oxygen concentrator does not “create” its own oxygen. It draws in room air into the machine using an air compressor. This air usually passes through some type of filtration as it enters the concentrator to remove dust and other small particulates. Once inside of the concentrator, the room air passes through an adsorbent material called molecular sieve. The molecular sieve adsorbs the nitrogen in the room air, separating the oxygen from it and allowing the oxygen to pass through. Oxygen exits the concentrator and is delivered to the patient in high concentrations of > 90% purity.

CAIRE oxygen concentrators include: AirSep Focus, AirSep FreeStyle, AirSep FreeStyle 5, SeQual Eclipse 5AirSep VisionAire 5, CAIRE Companion 5, and AirSep NewLife Elite and AirSep NewLife Intensity.

How Liquid Oxygen Works

Liquid oxygen is a cryogenic material, meaning that it does not exist naturally and is formed by compressing gaseous oxygen to the point to liquefaction. Like all cryogenic liquids, oxygen is very cold with temperatures around -183oC (-297oF). CAIRE liquid oxygen portables and reservoirs utilize vacuum-insulated containers to store the liquid oxygen and keep it stored at cold temperatures. When breathing from a liquid oxygen unit, the oxygen travels through a serial of valves and warming coils that allow it to evaporate into a gas that is delivered to the patient at room temperature. When oxygen evaporates from a liquid to a gas, it expands at a ratio of approximately 860 times. This is why a tiny liquid unit can last substantially longer between refills than a gas cylinder.

CAIRE’s Liquid Oxygen products include portable units and reservoirs. Portable units include the CAIRE Companion 1000 and 1000T, the CAIRE HELiOS Plus and Marathon, the CAIRE Hi Flow Stroller, the CAIRE Spirit, and the CAIRE Sprint and Stroller. Reservoirs include the CAIRE Liberator, the CAIRE HELiOs and the CAIRE Companion.

Explanation of Pulse Flow or Pulse Dose

Pulse Flow ExplanationPulse flow or pulse dose is the delivery of a “bolus,” or a puff of oxygen every time you breathe, or more specifically, when you inhale. A sensor in the portable oxygen concentrator, transportable oxygen concentrator or liquid oxygen portable unit detects the force or pressure of your breath and triggers the concentrator to deliver your dose of oxygen prescribed by your doctor.

Pulse flow delivery on a portable oxygen concentrator or transportable oxygen concentrator can help maximize your unit’s battery life by giving you the oxygen when you inhale and not wasting precious battery power by constantly delivering oxygen. On a liquid oxygen portable unit pulse dose delivery helps maximize your portable duration by giving you oxygen when you inhale and not wasting any oxygen. This allows the liquid oxygen portables to last for many hours and allows you to stay most active without worrying about having to refill or run out of oxygen. Pulse flow is typically used for portability and when a patient is active.

Pulse flow is available on CAIRE’s AirSep Focus, AirSep FreeStyle, AirSep FreeStyle 5, SeQual Eclipse 5, and CAIRE’s HELiOS and Sprint.

Explanation of Continuous Flow

Continuous Flow ExplantionContinuous flow delivers oxygen in a constant and uninterrupted stream. Much like turning on a water faucet, continuous flow of oxygen is at a steady rate.

The amount of oxygen you receive is prescribed in liters per minute (LPM) by your doctor. The most common settings are between 2-5 LPM. Patients with more severe disease states require higher flow rates between 6-15 LPM. Continuous flow is typically used at home and while sleeping. It can also be used for portability for patients whose condition will not allow them to tolerate pulse flow.

Continuous flow is available on CAIRE’s CAIRE Companion 1000 and 1000T, and the CAIRE Sprint and Stroller, and the CAIRE Hi Flow Stroller, AirSep VisionAire, CAIRE Companion 5, AirSep NewLife Elite and AirSep NewLife Intensity, and SeQual Eclipse 5.

What is CAIRE’s UltraSense Technology?

CAIRE’s UltraSense Technology provides a sensitive pulse dose trigger in standard operating mode to detect your breath with less effort. This ensures that a pulse of oxygen is delivered with each breath, guarantees that the oxygen is delivered when it’s most critical, and allows for a wider variety of patients to use the device.

CAIRE’s UltraSense Technology is available on AirSep Focus, AirSep FreeStyle, and AirSep FreeStyle 5.

What is CAIRE’s autoSAT® Technology?

CAIRE’s autoSAT® Technology helps maintain a consistent FiO2 by adjusting the device to meet the patient’s changing respiratory rate. Like cruise control adjusts a car’s performance to maintain constant speed, autoSAT® adjusts oxygen concentrator performance to guarantee the prescribed amount of oxygen is delivered with each breath to the patient whether they are at rest or exercising.

CAIRE’s autoSAT® Technology is available on the SeQual Eclipse 5.