Traveling with Oxygen

Make plans

Don’t let your oxygen prescription keep you from traveling to see your family or globetrotting to places you have only visited in your dreams.

CAIRE’s FAA-approved portable and transportable oxygen concentrators can get you there and ensure you get the oxygen you need to stay healthy and active.

The following is a list of all CAIRE products that are available for use on commercial flights and meet FAA guidelines:


For specific information about the updated FAA rule (SFAR) No. 106 regarding the labeling requirements and FAA-approved concentrators (released May 24, 2016) , please read the Portable Oxygen Concentrators Used On Board Aircraft Statement. To learn more about carrying oxygen by air visit the FAA website for specific information. Also, review the FAA official documented ruling here.

Talk to your healthcare provider about your trip and have them fill out this Physicians Statement that can be presented to your flight crew as additional documentation regarding your portable oxygen concentrator. For the SeQual Eclipse 5, please download this letter for additional assurance airlines will allow it on board. Here is a physician’s letter for reference as well.

Learn Additional Information Regarding The FAA Sticker/Label Regulations

Airlines often have specific information about their requirements for using oxygen while on board. CAIRE recommends contacting your airline at least 48 hours prior to your travel for more information to ensure peace of mind.

Always pack extra batteries and all electrical cords

It goes without saying, but you should always pay special attention to packing extra batteries and all your electrical cords that allow for charging your oxygen medical device when you are on the go.

Charge your device as you wait in the airport terminal or after in your vehicle.

Many airlines have specific requirements regarding the numbers of batteries you should carry on board. As a general rule, it is suggested to carry enough batteries to run your concentrator for 150% of your flight duration. This will account for scheduled air time as well as any unexpected delays or holding.

All CAIRE portable and transportable oxygen concentrators operate on both AC and DC power, as well as by battery, and can be used in motor vehicles. Please review each concentrator’s manual for specific information about use in an automobile.

Need assistance?

Your prescription will determine what device is best for you. Devices can be purchased outright from one of our preferred internet providers or can be rented from your local medical equipment provider.