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Pioneers Of O2 Delivery

Put 50 years of dedicated experience to work for you.

When you partner with CAIRE, you benefit from unmatched experience in oxygen delivery. CAIRE has developed and brought together the “best of the best” in oxygen therapy delivery products and equipment thanks to a deep legacy of innovation made possible by well-respected leaders in the industry including Covidien, AirSep Corporation, and SeQual Technologies, to name a few.

Their contributions have laid the foundation of the work we do today at CAIRE.


  • Puritan Bennett, the precursor to Covidien, is incorporated as an oxygen gas company and begins distributing oxygen


  • Puritan Bennett purchases its first oxygen liquefaction plant and enters the liquid oxygen industry


  • AirSep® ForLife™ is introduced as AirSep’s first stationary oxygen concentrator


  • AirSep® NewLife® Elite stationary oxygen concentrator introduced


  • Patents issued to AirSep for oxygen purity controls for both portable and stationary needs, and to SeQual for gas separation and concentration


  • AirSep® AirLife™ introduced for the oxygen needs of passengers onboard commercial air flights.
  • A patent for Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) apparatus is issued to AirSep.


  • Puritan Bennett releases the HELiOS — High Efficiency Liquid Oxygen System


  • AirSep’s Norm McCombs introduces the AirSep® LifeStyle™ portable oxygen concentrator (POC), touted as the first device of its kind on the market. Weighing in at just under 10 pounds, the LifeStyle met his goal to create a product that was close in weight to his wife’s purse.
  • AirSep is issued a design patent for portable oxygen supply apparatus.


  • Multiple Bed Pressure Swing Absorption Method and Apparatus patent issued to AirSep


  • AirSep is issued the patent for a portable oxygen concentrator



  • AirSep® LifeStyle™ portable oxygen concentrator receives Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval – the first portable oxygen concentrator to receive this designation.
  • AirSep is issued a patent for a self-calibrating supplemental oxygen delivery system that allows the oxygen user to receive their bolus of oxygen via pulse flow when their breath is detected.
  • SeQual announces they have developed the first POC with continuous flow.


  • The AirSep® FreeStyle® portable oxygen concentrator is introduced to the market offering pulse dose settings 1-3, a weight of 4.4 lbs. and UltraSense® technology – a sensitive breath detection feature that ensures the device delivers the bolus at the right time to its user.
  • SeQual introduces the Eclipse®, a portable oxygen concentrator that can provide both pulse and continuous flow oxygen. Developers of this product worked closely with governmental agencies and respected respiratory health organizations to meet the care standards for long term oxygen therapy.
  • SeQual is given the thumbs up by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to begin marketing its portable oxygen concentrator, the Eclipse®, as a single solution for patient’s stationary and portable needs, under the code E1392.


  • AirSep® VisionAire™ introduced.


  • AirSep® Intensity 10 introduced.
  • AirSep is issued another patent for portable oxygen concentrator design.
  • SeQual is issued Gas Separation Device and Method of Use patent.


  • The AirSep® Focus™, the world’s smallest and lightest POC, at under 2 lbs., is introduced to the market.
  • AirSep is issued a patent for a mini portable oxygen concentrator.
  • Through a research and development partnership with the U.S. Army, the SeQual® SAROS™ is introduced as a means to provide life-saving oxygen to injured men and women as they are transported off the battlefield.


  • The AirSep® FreeStyle® 5 POC is introduced offering pulse dose settings 1-5 and UltraSense® technology.
  • SeQual® Eclipse 5® is introduced to the market. This transportable device weighs 18.4 lbs. and delivers pulse flow settings 1 to 9, and 0.5 to 3 LPM continuous flow settings.
  • SeQual is issued the patent for a self-automated titration system and method – today known as autoSAT® technology.



  • Norm McCombs, AirSep senior vice president of research and development, is given the U.S. government’s highest honor for technological achievement – the National Medal of Technology and Innovation by President Barack Obama.


  • The SeQual® eQuinox™ portable oxygen concentrator is introduced to the market. Featuring multi-language alerts and autoSAT technology, the devices weighs only 14 lbs.
  • CAIRE is issued a patent on systems and methods for conserving oxygen in a breathing assistance device, that allows for a better therapeutic value for pulse-flow concentrators.


  • AirSep® FreeStyle® portable oxygen concentrator series is introduced to the market with a new power connector and user-replaceable battery.


  • CAIRE introduces the new SAROS™ 15 oxygen concentrator, developed for the U.S. Air Force and offering up to 15 LPM battlefield oxygen. It can operate via battery or wall outlet power.
  • CAIRE unveils the new telehealth solution CAIREview at Medtrade Fall winning the bronze award in the show’s New Product Pavilion Provider’s Choice Awards.


  • FreeStyle® Comfort® portable oxygen concentrator is introduced to the market with an ergonomic silhouette, 5 pulse settings, UltraSense® sensitive breath detection, and autoDOSE safety feature.
  • The device is awarded the HMEBusiness Product Award and the Providers’ Choice Gold Award in the New Product Pavilion at Medtrade Fall 2018.


  • FreeStyle® Comfort® portable oxygen concentrator is awarded an Honorable Mention Award at the new Retail Product Pavilion held at the Medtrade Fall.


  • CAIRE Diagnostics division is established following the acquisition of Spirosure Inc., global distributors of FDA and CE-approved Fenom Pro® System for asthma management.



  • CAIRE unveils the next-generation telehealth solution myCAIRE™ at Medtrade West winning the silver award in the show’s New Product Pavilion Providers’ Choice Awards.



  • CAIRE acquires MGC Diagnostics Holdings, Inc.

The spirit of innovation and the legacy of technology continues to withstand the test of time with the introduction of the award-winning FreeStyle Comfort in 2018, one of the most advanced portable concentrators on the market, featuring a unique curved design and additional monitoring and safety features to keep patients comfortable in body and mind.

As we look to the future, we are excited about accelerating advancements in oxygen therapy delivery to benefit everyone who depends on us – from our homecare providers to our patients around the world.

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