Transportable Oxygen Concentrator

What is a transportable oxygen concentrator?

Transportable Oxygen ConcentratorA transportable oxygen concentrator is a device that provides both pulse and continuous flow. It is capable of serving as both a stationary and portable concentrator. A transportable oxygen concentrator comes with a cart or wheels to allow it to be easily moved about like a piece of rolling luggage. They are larger than a portable oxygen concentrator because they also provide continuous oxygen flow settings.


The CAIRE Portfolio

CAIRE offers the premier options for transportable oxygen concentrators. The SeQual Eclipse 5 which offers pulse flow settings up to a 192 mL bolus size (Setting 9) and continuous flow up to 3 LPM. More oxygen production, combined with unique clinical features including CAIRE’s autoSAT® technology that automatically adjusts the performance of the unit to keep up with patient’s changing breath rates, allows our transportable oxygen concentrator to increase mobility in the widest variety of patients in all disease states.

Patients benefit from the 24/7 capabilities of both pulse and continuous flow options to gain the ultimate freedom with a CAIRE transportable oxygen concentrator. Providers and clinicians benefit from CAIRE’s transportable oxygen concentrator product's advanced clinical features that ensure patients who require advanced pulse flow settings and high continuous flow settings can stay oxygenated. A transportable oxygen concentrator is ideal for travel programs, hospital discharge, and as portable units for high flow patients.

For home care providers in the US a transportable oxygen concentrator is billable with Medicare codes E1390 and E1392.

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