CAIRE Non-Delivery Program

Improve patient compliance and reduce operating costs with this powerful solution from CAIRE.

Many home care providers have made the switch from the home delivery model in recent years to the non-delivery model in order to save in costs and take advantage of the advances in O2 delivery equipment. If you have ever wondered about the benefits of making the switch to non-delivery, here are just a few ways the CAIRE Non-Delivery Program can not only improve your patient care, but also improve your operational efficiencies.

Your Non-Delivery bundle includes:
FreeStyle® Comfort® portable oxygen concentrator
Companion 5 stationary oxygen concentrator

This combination of CAIRE products offers the best solution for your patients and business.


  • Benefit from utilizing the latest technologies in oxygen therapy delivery
  • Enjoy greater ambulation, and take part in a variety of activities
  • Receive education and training which support better outcomes and compliance


    • Reduce cylinder and regulator inventory to lower operating costs
    • Eliminate expensive deliveries and reduce operating costs
    • Increase quality of patient care and gain new physician referrals
    • Enjoy lengthy preventative maintenance schedules
    • Eliminate cylinder re-certification fees
    • Customize your bundle with extra batteries or accessories for retail cash sales
    • Bill both HCPCS E1390 and E1392 codes

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