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Operational Efficiency

Save money at every step of the process with CAIRE.
At CAIRE, we understand home care providers today are facing tightening reimbursement, challenging regulatory requirements and increasing managed care. In order to compete and thrive, oxygen providers must find new and ways to provide outstanding care at a lower cost. We have designed efficiency into every touchpoint to lower the total cost of ownership and the cost to serve the patient, all without compromising care.

Lower Acquisition Cost

Bundle pricing and loyalty programs enable you to purchase across oxygen categories at a discount with one supplier.

Lower Delivery Labor Costs

Portable and stationary concentrator products enable you to reduce deliveries and associated cylinder costs.

Lower Maintenance And Support Costs

CAIRE has you covered with a track record for quality to minimize return rates and maintenance costs. Our strong warranties keep you protected.

Learn More About Saving With CAIRE

Retail Partner Program

CAIRE Retail Partner Program

Set up a call with a oneCAIRE sales representative to find out about cross category purchase and loyalty benefits.


O2 Discharge Program

CAIRE Eclipse 5

Provide a better solution for patients transitioning from the hospital with the versatile Eclipse 5®.


Sponsored Training

Sponsored Training and Service Schools

Convenient and comprehensive training so you get the most from CAIRE products.


Non-Delivery Program

CAIRE Non-Delivery Program

Improve patient care and reduce costs by eliminating deliveries.


Quality Engineering

Quality Engineering

Minimize repairs, returns and hassles with trusted CAIRE products.


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