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Food and Beverage

AirSep nitrogen products help support customers in the food and beverage industry by improving quality and reducing costs.
AirSep Corporation offers innovative, economical, non-cryogenic nitrogen supply solutions as an alternative to cylinder or liquid supplies. Producing an unlimited supply of nitrogen on-location, an AirSep Nitrogen Generator eliminates regular nitrogen deliveries.

AirSep offers the widest selection of systems including, membrane and PSA nitrogen generators. AirSep’s nitrogen products can be used in a wide range of food and beverage applications such as modified atmosphere packaging, controlled atmosphere fruit storage, nitrogen CO2 gas mix beer drafting, and wine bottle capping.

Maintain quality and freshness with an AirSep Nitrogen Generator whether it is for packaging food and beverage products, pharmaceuticals, or other packaged goods such as electronics, automotive mechanical parts, cosmetics, and many others. The generator will displace the oxygen content out of the packaging, replacing it with nitrogen gas. When oxygen is present, oxidation can take place reducing shelf life. The nitrogen prevents spoilage and keeps moisture at bay. With an AirSep nitrogen system you can preserve taste, nutritional value and even extend the shelf life of coffee, fruit, salads, dried foods, snacks, spices, and more. In the medical industry, nitrogen is used in packaging of pharmaceuticals and surgical tools to maintain a dry, sterile, and clean environment.

Membrane nitrogen systems are compact, easily transportable and available with capacities up to 78,000 ft3/hr (2,050 Nm3/hr).
AirSep standard PSA Generators are available with capacities up to 46,905 SCFH (1,233 Nm3/hr) and may be placed on an existing foundation, or skid-mounted as a turnkey system with compressors, dryers and per-filtration. PSA technology is ideal for higher purity applications at or above 99.5 – 99.995%. Cylinder-fill options are available upon customer request.