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Mining and Mineral Processing

AirSep cost-effective nitrogen products support the mining industry by increasing safety.
Fresh air is funneled into mines so that the miners have fresh air to breathe. When oxygen levels are at less than 10%, the air gets behind a failed leaking gas seal designed purposely to prevent the migration of oxygen into mined-out areas where coalbed methane is normally and safely contained. The mixture of these two gases unchecked could reach to levels exceeding their combined Lower Explosive Limits (LEL) and become a recipe for an explosion. The best way to prevent fires and explosions is to eliminate oxygen in the air. Nitrogen displaces oxygen from the air which results in an inert atmosphere.

Multiple experiences of such disasters have happened over the past 10-15 years in North America and other parts of the world and thus resulted in trapping many miners underground and in even worse scenarios, result in multiple deaths. In many precautionary cases, Nitrogen Generators were purchased to inject nitrogen from aboveground into these previously sealed off / mined-out areas and monitoring of oxygen levels and nitrogen flushing to maintain the oxygen concentration below the LEL became the standard of increased mine safety protocol. Nitrogen purity is typically 98 – 99%.

Liquid deliveries are a thing of the past. AirSep Nitrogen Generators can be transported safely to the mining site and are easy to install and maintain, producing nitrogen on-demand, 24/7.