Ozone Generation

AirSep oxygen products help companies around the world maximize their ozone generation performance.

An AirSep generator supplies oxygen to the ozone system converting the oxygen to ozone. Gas is pumped into the water and the ozonated water is used as a powerful antimicrobial agent.

Ozone generation has many uses in the commercial world. Ozone removes contaminants on just about any surface. Laundromats, nursing home facilities, hospitals and hotels use ozone to clean and remove odors from clothing and linens. The amount of water saved by using this method of disinfecting is substantial. A denim manufacturer in California has cut their water usage in half by now washing designer jeans with ozone. The jeans then become faded and bleached without using water and all with a little help from an AirSep AS-E oxygen unit.

Ozone is very effective at treating water as it eliminates bacteria on contact. Drinking water, recreational water and even water for zoo animals become safe with ozone. Several AirSep systems are installed throughout the world for water treatment. There are two 45 tons per day VPSA plants in Rocky Mount, NC at a wastewater treatment facility. The facility originally was using a cryogenic system and with the AirSep VPSA system has cut their power costs by over 65%, as it runs more efficiently.

Since ozone gas is a great disinfectant, acting as an oxidant, it is utilized in the food industry, specifically, food storage and food processing. Ozone treatment removes harmful bacteria, destroys pesticides and other chemicals, it helps improve the shelf-life of ready-to-eat food and protects exotic fruits and vegetables from disease and decay.

Maximize your ozone generation performance with an AirSep Oxygen System.


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