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Sponsored Training Program

AirSep offers convenient and in-depth product training programs to ensure you are successful.

Standard Training

AirSep offers technical training seminars on all oxygen products taught by factory technicians.

One-to-three-day training classes are offered at AirSep’s Buffalo, NY location throughout the year, and are designed to:

  • Make technicians comfortable with how AirSep products work.
  • Show technicians how to identify and resolve equipment problems, and how to keep your equipment in top operating condition.

Upon completion of the seminar, each participant will receive a certificate of completion.

AirSep can also customize training designed for you and your team. This approach can maximize your team’s time to focus on fully understanding AirSep’s oxygen products.

You will benefit from the expertise of learning from an AirSep Technical Service team member who knows our products inside and out. Use this training to stay up-to-date in terms of technology, safety and operation.

The AirSep Technical team can provide you and your staff with the proper educational materials to troubleshoot and maintain the equipment.

Contact your AirSep Sales Representative to schedule a session or email