AirSep Nitrogen Product For Oil & Gas Applications | CAIRE, Inc.

Oil and Gas

AirSep offers the widest range of nitrogen products to enable oil and gas companies to significantly lower costs with a turnkey process.

AirSep’s nitrogen product offering can be used in a wide range of oil and gas applications including, transloading, drilling operations, enhanced oil recovery (EOR), and nitrogen blanketing.

Nitrogen is the exemplary gas for re-pressurizing oil and gas from large wells/natural gas reservoir sites. Many times and to improve recovery, the naturally occurring pressure that lifts the gas and oil must be augmented with pressurized nitrogen. Typically, containerized (or mobile-by-design) nitrogen systems are best suited for EOR and may include trailer-mounted diesel drive compressors, membrane dryers, filtration, and high-pressure nitrogen gas compressors.

Nitrogen blanketing/displacement is a process where gas covers the surface of a chemical, such as methanol. Blanketing prevents the liquid from coming into contact with oxygen and displaces both oxygen and any water vapor from the vessel, thus preventing degradation due to oxidation.

Selecting a nitrogen generator instead of cylinder or liquid nitrogen, typically results in cost savings of at least 50%. In addition, cryogenically produced nitrogen delivered under contract is frequently subject to cost increases due to delivery, hazmat, and rental surcharges, as well as other expenses. It is far safer and more reliable to generate gaseous nitrogen on-site and as it’s needed. In addition, it’s also possible to achieve savings in areas including logistics, handling, operations, and safety.

AirSep offers the widest selection of systems including, membrane and PSA standard nitrogen generators, and expandable cabinet PSA generators. AirSep Membrane Nitrogen Systems are compact, easily transportable and available with capacities up to 78,000 SCFH (2,050 Nm3/hr). AirSep standard PSA Nitrogen Generators featuring pre-filtration, are available with capacities up to 46,905 SCFH (1,223 Nm3/hr) and may be placed on an existing foundation, or skid-mounted as a turnkey system with compressors and dryers. PSA technology is ideal for higher purity applications at or above 99.5 – 99.995% and cylinder-fill options are available upon customer request.

AirSep Nitrogen Generators feature PLC process control and a standard color HMI screen. They produce nitrogen from an independent compressed air source, are easy to install, require infrequent maintenance, are capable of long-term unattended operation, and collect and transmit operational parameters to remote locations for process management (and diagnostics/prognostics for condition-based maintenance).