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Wastewater Treatment

AirSep’s products are perfectly designed for wastewater treatment applications, particularly high purity oxygen (HPO) activated sludge and biological nutrient removal (BNR) processes.

AirSep VPSA wastewater treatment plants can serve any size needed to add oxygen to an area to enhance growth of microbes, which help remove pollution and odors from soil or groundwater. AirSep builds reliable oxygen plants capable of delivering on-site oxygen necessary for the UNOX and OASIS wastewater treatment process.

AirSep’s high-efficiency, turnkey VPSA oxygen plants are in use and installed throughout the world. The control system is user-friendly and designed in accordance with local and international standards. Various other features include, viewable trends and pressure profiles, continuous data recording every 250 milliseconds, remote monitoring capability, multi-level secured access for supervisory control, multi-language option, alarm and process parameters notification via email, and parameters displayed in metric or imperial units.

The VPSA systems have extremely low energy consumption, on-line efficiency of 99%, automatic turndown and easy operation. All system designs are highly integrated into skids to simplify on-site installations. After equipment is installed, AirSep continues to provide engineering support on an ongoing basis.

AirSep VPSA plants are extremely quick to startup. The oxygen equipment can simply be turned on or off with the touch of a button, and the operator interface graphically displays real-time plant operation information in a user-friendly display format. The interface collects and stores all operating data for trending.

VPSA Oxygen Systems by AirSep are designed in accordance with local and international standards and generate oxygen at 93% concentration. On-site start-up assistance is offered by AirSep technicians anywhere in the world.

Excellence in design, manufacture with quality parts, and high-level workmanship are the hallmark of all AirSep VPSA systems. True flexibility in custom engineering allows AirSep to develop systems that utilize components that yield the desired capacities, with the highest efficiency for each VPSA plant.

An ideal replacement for outdated cryogenic and PSA plants, AirSep’s high-quality products offer the most cost effective and safest oxygen sources available for today’s waste/water treatment, ozone (generator) feed gas, and odor control applications.

To serve smaller scale wastewater treatment applications, an AirSep Topaz Series unit or Standard Oxygen Generator would provide as a good source of oxygen.


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