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AirSep nitrogen systems have been assisting pharmaceutical and medical supply manufacturers deliver quality products with extended shelf lives.

Nitrogen is used in the packaging process to displace oxygen. By removing oxygen, (which would degrade the pharmaceutical products over time), it extends the shelf life of the drug.

Nitrogen is also used in packaging of various medical supplies and surgical tools. Oxygen is released from the packaging before it is sealed which creates a high purity environment.

Membrane nitrogen systems are compact, easily transportable and available with capacities up to 78,000 ft3/hr (2,050 Nm3/hr).

AirSep standard PSA Generators are available with capacities up to 46,905 SCFH (1,233 Nm3/hr) and may be placed on an existing foundation, or skid-mounted as a turnkey system with compressors, dryers and per-filtration. PSA technology is ideal for higher purity applications at or above 99.5 – 99.995%. Cylinder-fill options are available upon customer request.


AirSep Nitrogen Generators Used to Extend Drug Shelf Life