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Technology supporting one of the largest South American pharmaceutical plants

Buffalo, NY, January 29, 2020 – AirSep® Corporation nitrogen generator products are being used to extend the shelf life of drugs manufactured by one of the largest pharmaceutical facilities in Uruguay, South America. This particular facility uses nitrogen gas to maintain an inert atmosphere for flasks, tanks or pipes for pharmaceutical products. The remaining oxygen is removed from the ampoule or vial to seal the contents and protect them from exposure to air and contaminants.

AirSep Corporation, a division of CAIRE Inc., began manufacturing oxygen generators in 1987 at its current Buffalo location. After 2016, the company leveraged its proprietary gas separation technology to add nitrogen generating equipment to its portfolio in order to meet increased commercial demands requiring applications by the healthcare, oil and gas, and food and beverage industries.

“Because of our 33 years of expertise supplying the most efficient and highest quality PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption ) Oxygen Generators, it was a natural evolution to expand our Standard Product Line to include PSA Nitrogen Generators and focus on this standard product line to meet the growing demand of this market for several commercial applications,” Lawrence Hughes, AirSep VP and General Manager. “Our commercial nitrogen products are making an impact in the healthcare industry, allowing our customers to reliably deliver medications safely to the institutions where clinicians can rely on their safety when it is time to treat their patients.”

Because nitrogen is colorless, odorless, non-flammable, and usually does not react with other substances it is an advantageous choice for many applications in the pharmaceutical industry, including safely handling raw components that are sensitive to oxygen to packaging the final product. Nitrogen works to displace oxygen and moisture which can cause the product to degrade overtime.  The AirSep PSA Nitrogen Generator, N2–AS-E, is able to produce a continuous supply of nitrogen, on-demand with 99.99 percent concentration.

AirSep Nitrogen Generators eliminate the expense, inconvenience, hazardous handling, and storage problems often associated with purchased liquid or high-pressure cylinder nitrogen. The standard models AirSep offers are the most efficient and reliable generators available today.