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Oxygen is key to increasing fish production in aquaculture systems.
Photos courtesy of Upward Farms.

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Buffalo, NY, June 8, 2021 – Brooklyn, NY-based Upward Farms is harnessing the power of oxygen to improve aquaculture systems and spur on increased production to meet the rising global demand for fish by the consumer.

Using the AirSep Onyx Ultra PSA Oxygen Generator, a convenient solution to providing a consistent and reliable oxygen source, Upward Farms is increasing their production volume and rearing density.

Oxygen has been a major component of their increased production and the ability to support larger aquaponic operations.

Previously, Upward Farms used multiple high-pressure bottles to provide a constant oxygen supply to their fish systems. Given the small application, it became tedious and inefficient to exchange the bottles out, especially as production grew.

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Upward Farms decided to integrate the AirSep Onyx Ultra PSA Oxygen Generator into their aquaculture system. They knew the AirSep brand and the positive reputation of AirSep products, as well as the fact that these units were used with other similar systems with high reliability.

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It was product reputation and low maintenance that caught our attention. AirSep products are reliable and high in quality. I was readily able to get detailed production information, specifically on preventative maintenance and potential parts and repairs. The Technical Service team was attentive to my needs.” – Matt Dawson, Aquaculture Director

What they liked best about the Onyx Ultra was that it is compact, durable, easy to move as needed and fits perfectly in areas with limited spacing.

Because Upward Farms is a relatively small oxygen user, too small for any liquid bulk system, the Onyx Ultra allows them to produce oxygen on-location more economically and without the need to manage high-pressure bottles.

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