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Buffalo, NY, November 12, 2020 – US manufacturer uses AS-K PSA Oxygen Generator to make marine-biodegradable plastics

Today oxygen is a key component in a number of applications that are making a difference in the creation of the next generation sustainable materials. AirSep Corporation, a CAIRE Inc. company, recently supplied an AS-K PSA Oxygen Generator to US manufacturer Mango Materials, innovator behind YOPP PHA Pellets, an alternative to traditional plastics and polyesters.

Oxygen generated through the system is used in a fermentation process where the end result produces a marine-biodegradable plastic. (Learn more about the process by clicking this link.) This type of plastic can be used in 3D printing, injection molding and made to create fibers for garments and textiles, as well as film material for flexible packaging.

Before Mango Materials installed their AirSep PSA Oxygen Generator at a wastewater treatment facility in Redwood City, CA, they were using oxygen cylinders. Cylinders may be obtained for a lower price initially, but can be troublesome over time due to handling and transportation costs associated with the logistics required for refill and replacement. With an AirSep PSA Oxygen Generator the oxygen is produced continuously, and the oxygen generator offers a rapid payback over traditional, delivered gas supplies.

When we asked what stood out compared to other options on the market, a Mango Materials representative shared that they thought AirSep oxygen generators were the best suited to their size and need, with competitive pricing and reasonable lead times. What especially sold them on buying an AirSep commercial product was the fact that they could obtain a high oxygen concentration and desired flow, but still stay within their small footprint.

“The technical support in helping us spec out the right system for our process was great. The sales support was also very good. We felt supported throughout the whole process and even during start-up when we had specific questions. We got answers straight away.”

~ Mango Materials representative

Their favorite part about the oxygen generator is that the equipment is simple to use and is reliable. It is the safest way to have the required high-concentration oxygen on-location. AirSep PSA Oxygen Generators can produce up to 95 percent oxygen concentration.

AirSep offers a wide selection of oxygen equipment that can fit the need of practically any application. For more information on our oxygen products, contact AirSep today: 716-691-0202.