CAIRE, AirSep Teams Visit Largest AirSep Oxygen Systems Installation in Miami-Dade County - CAIRE Inc.

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Buffalo, NY, May 4, 2022 – 
Team members representing both CAIRE Inc. and AirSep Corporation recently had the opportunity to visit the completed upgrade to one of the largest sewage treatment plants in the southeastern US.

The Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department, which serves more than 2.3 million residents and 20 million visitors annually, utilizes two AirSep ASV97000 VPSA Oxygen Systems. The project lead by global engineering company PCL Construction utilized the AirSep systems, making it the largest installation in AirSep’s company history. 

In attendance for the tour was Vice President and General Manager, Lawrence Hughes of AirSep, who invited along a very special guest for the tour – Norman “Norm” McCombs, former AirSep Vice President of Research and Development. McCombs pioneered air separation technology utilized at the treatment plant, the same technology which would later contribute to his pioneering the first portable oxygen concentrator, the LifeStyle, 20 years ago for medical patient use.

Touring inside the VPSA Oxygen Generation Facility

Interior within the Facility of the Oxygen System

Air separation technology pioneer Norm McCombs, left, talks with PCL Construction Project Engineer Jean Capra in the control room of the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department.

Touring outside the VPSA Oxygen Generation Facility

The Miami-Dade project included replacing the existing cryogenic oxygen system with two AirSep VPSA Oxygen Systems each producing 97,000 SCFH of oxygen. These are the largest systems AirSep has built in company history. These AirSep VPSA Oxygen Systems are for wastewater treatment and will enable the county to meet new guidelines and regulations. With AirSep VPSA technology, oxygen can be produced more cost effectively with an on-stream efficiency of 99%.

View of Adsorber Vessels and Oxygen Receivers

Cooling Water Pump Station (includes the motors, pumps and instrumentation/piping that make up the cooling water pumping system that provides cooling water to the feed air aftercooler)

AirSep offers custom-engineered VPSA oxygen systems, with capacities ranging from 5,000 SCFH (131 Nm³/hr) to 120,000 SCFH (3,155 Nm³/hr) and has installations around the world for a variety of applications.

To learn more about how AirSep’s extensive product offering can solve your oxygen supply challenges, please visit or contact us.