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Buffalo, NY, October 28, 2020 –
AirSep, a division of CAIRE Inc., has been producing high-quality oxygen systems for multiple applications around the globe for over 33 years.

Manufacturing reliable oxygen equipment is the foundation of AirSep’s business. With our Standard PSA Oxygen Generators offering delivery flows of up to 5,500 SCFH at a delivery pressure of up to 65 psig, AirSep sets the standard as the world’s innovative leader in gas generation.

Low Cost and Quick Payback
AirSep Oxygen Generator Systems produce oxygen on demand. This minimizes a user’s dependency on costly and cumbersome liquid or cylinder oxygen equipment. There is long term price stability and the cost/ccf decreases as usage increases. Eliminate concerns about losing product due to venting, contractual increases, hidden costs, or lost deliveries. AirSep Oxygen Systems are the most economical and advantageous option available.

Simple and Safe to Use

  • Eliminate delivery and transport safety issues
  • Pipe in compressed air, pipe out oxygen
  • No expensive concrete pad or fence
  • Fully automated
  • Reliably produce oxygen 24/7

Never Run Out of Oxygen
AirSep oxygen generators use a process known as Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) to produce highly concentrated oxygen from ambient air. In the PSA process, nitrogen is adsorbed at elevated pressure to produce oxygen at a high concentration. The nitrogen is then desorbed via depressurization resulting in the adsorbent (molecular sieve) being regenerated.

A continuous supply is always there, when you need it. It has always been AirSep’s goal to free users from depending on large gas companies, including their price increases and long-term gas contracts. AirSep systems are known to increase overall efficiency and help reduce a user’s oxygen expenses.

AirSep oxygen systems provide dependable continuous performance built to ensure total satisfaction. With minimal maintenance, AirSep Oxygen Systems can last indefinitely.

To learn more about how AirSep’s PSA Oxygen Generator systems extensive product offering can help solve many of today’s oxygen supply challenges, please visit www.airsep.com or contact us. We will be happy to discuss your oxygen needs.