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Oxygen Enhances the Growth of Plants

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Buffalo, NY, January 12, 2022 – The elementary concept of photosynthesis — a plant’s ability to make food and breathe — form the foundation of the modern use of supplemental oxygen in greenhouses to encourage plant health all over the world. Essential to plant growth and survival, the expanded use of oxygen generation systems has become a significant component in the lettuce industry to meet consumer demand. AirSep Oxygen Generators are being used to help maintain a sufficient level of dissolved oxygen in water to benefit growth and reduce the risk of disease, improving the overall health of plants.

Ozone and Water Treatment

AirSep Oxygen Generators are integrated with a number of ozone systems globally, which disinfect and treat the water. Ozone breaks chemicals down and kills bacteria and pesticides, allowing increased use of rainwater and maximizing the reuse of irrigation water. Reclaimed water is less expensive to use and treat resulting in reduced water fees.

DrammWater utilizes an Ozone System that includes an AirSep Topaz Oxygen Generator. The system design and process leaves water supersaturated with high levels of dissolved oxygen.

Large amounts of contaminated water can be treated quickly and effectively at a low operating cost. After the ozone gas disinfects, it decomposes into oxygen. The water is then bacteria-free. The oxygen additionally provides a nutritious boost, promoting faster growth rates and ultimately a rich, ample supply of leafy fruits, vegetables and other greenery.

Benefits of Using an AirSep Oxygen System as a Feed Gas for Ozone Generators:

  • Increases ozone output
  • Stabilizes ozone production due to trace nitrogen
  • Doubles ozone concentration at a minimum
  • Reduces contact time
  • Minimizes ozone generator maintenance
  • Maximizes ozone generator performance & life expectancy
  • Reduces maintenance, capital, & operating costs

It is important the oxygen be tightly controlled as too much can burn through roots.

Agriculture operations can see the many benefits of installing an on-site AirSep oxygen generator or system for stable and enhanced growth of plants. Oxygen enhancement can product greater crop yields with plants that are vigorous and free of disease.

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