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Buffalo, NY, March 3, 2021 –
AirSep Corporation, a CAIRE Inc. company, collaborates with other equipment manufacturers that use environmentally-friendly technologies to develop solutions utilizing commercial oxygen generators to disinfect and treat water and wastewater. One company in particular, Aclarus Ozone, based in Ontario, Canada, designs and builds advanced water and wastewater systems that utilize ozone technology. Their work in industrial and municipal sectors encompasses more than 900 installations across Canada, the US and elsewhere for treatment applications for drinking water, wastewater, groundwater, rainwater/reuse, sanitation/clean-in-place (CIP) and more.

A major point of pride for Aclarus Ozone is that their ozone systems work on-demand to treat contaminants and bacteria – all without the use of chemicals.

“Using premium oxygen generators from AirSep ensures our systems work to their fullest and are protected. There is no comparison in terms of reliability and cost savings vs. liquid oxygen systems. Compared to other companies, we knew from working with AirSep that they were the gold standard. As an OEM for oxygen equipment, we would only choose AirSep because of their reliability, on-going customer and technical support, and quality products that always deliver. Rugged, reliable, reputable – all the things we strive for at Aclarus,” said Adam Doran, Co-Founder and Vice President of Marketing.

Working with their partner MS-Filter Systems, an Aclarus Ozone system was provided to a remote First Nation community combined with slow-sand filtration for treatment of their drinking water. This setup was designed to be automated, redundant and since it is remote, requiring no ongoing consumables or heavy upkeep for a region with limited access to trained water operators.

This dual ozone system alternates between duty and stand-by redundancy or can operate both systems together if required. It generates 140g/hr each or 280g/hr total of ozone from four AirSep PSA Topaz Ultra Oxygen Generators operating at 10 LPM. The ozone is then injected and mixed into the water flow with internal monitoring to regulate quality and treatment.

This facility operates periodically, and the generators work on-demand with little required maintenance or upkeep. Aclarus Ozone relies on AirSep oxygen generation equipment to meet their system standards for their clients. Their complete systems operate in both challenging conditions with minimal oversight and strict process environments. AirSep Oxygen Generators offer a compact footprint and integrate well with Aclarus Ozone equipment. This powerful solution results in reliable, clean drinking water.

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